Downsizing NY Apartment: 5 Actionable Steps

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New York City residents understand that the cost of living as it relates to convenience and location is generally pretty steep. That is to say, if you want to live in an apartment downtown Manhattan, you’re likely to incur more expenses than someone who lives 30 minutes outside of city limits, where rent will be cheaper, space will be more abundant, and most local folks will get around by car and not public transportation. If you’d like to live in downtown New York but have had trouble making your rent payment each month, consider downsizing your New York City apartment for an affordable monthly payment. With the additional help of a reputable storage unit rental facility in NYC, you can ensure your belongings are well accounted for, too. While downsizing does come at the cost of some precious square footage, there are some benefits to making this swap! In this article, we will cover five actionable steps you can take to decrease clutter and maximize the potential for reduced square footage in an NYC apartment.

Why Downsize Your Apartment in NYC?

While it’s true that square footage in a big city is a highly sought after commodity (and one that often comes with a significant price tag), there are a number of benefits that come with downsizing your NYC apartment. Here are the top five:

·      Lower cost of living

·      Improved quality of life

·      Strategically reposition your “home base” closer to work, shops, or transport

·      Move away from noise or disturbances like concert venues or 24-hour restaurants

·      Look for historic buildings with character for a charming experience

How to Downsize Your NYC Apartment

Cheap Self Storage Near MeWhile it might seem daunting at first to move all of your belongings to a new space, let alone a smaller one than the accommodations you are used to, it’s actually not so difficult if you follow these simple steps. If you’re wondering how to downsize your lifestyle like so many are doing with tiny homes, RV campers, and the like, read on!

Sort Items as “Keepers” or “Don’t Keep”

Moving is a great time to take inventory of what we do and don’t want to bring with us moving forward. Don’t be afraid to get boxes, tape, pens, garbage bags, plastic tubs—whatever you need to do to sort your belongings into “keep” or “don’t keep.” For example, do you really need that half-used bottle of dry shampoo from 2017 that you bought because it was on sale but didn’t like the quality? Chances are, you can probably afford to part with it. Not all choices will be as easy, however—as some belongings can quickly become sentimental. But don’t worry—if you’ve sorted something into the “don’t keep” pile, there are more options for outcomes for your once-treasured ratty band t-shirt than simply being thrown in the local landfill!

Donate Items Worth Salvaging

Consider donating useful items that have outlived their time in your proximity, such as old Tupperware containers or cooking utensils, furniture, bookshelves, books, clothes, etc. You can always drop these at your local donation center or try to sell them to a vintage or second-hand shop and even make a few bucks while you clean out and re-inventory your belongings. This is a win-win-win—for you, the shop owner who gets to turn a profit, and the lucky New Yorker who gets to invent the next chapter for your tattered Led Zeppelin tee.

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Sell Used Items at a Reduced Price Online or to Friends and Family

If you can’t find a local shop willing to purchase your sweet old-school typewriter for example, you might be able to find friends, family, or acquaintances that are willing to pay for it—or even folks on online platforms, such as Facebook Marketplace. While it’s not always easy to have a “yard sale” in New York City, the internet makes all things possible; and with a little determination and downloading a few shopping platform apps, you may find that you are able to offload your stuff to people who will really appreciate it—whether you make a couple of bucks in the process or not.

Reuse or Recycle What You Cannot Sell or Donate

When you’ve reached the end of your “don’t keep” pile and you’re left with the inevitable remaining misfits, there are still options other than simply throwing them in a trash bag. Recycle what you can (glass, plastic, paper) and consider finding ways to reuse your rejected items. For example, New York City is buzzing with artists that would likely be glad to take free materials to work with—from old newspapers to dog hair clippings, there is someone out there who would be happy to have whatever it is you’re thinking of tossing. When all else fails, throw your junk in the trash!

Come Up with a Storage Plan

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When it comes to moving, it’s always made easier by investing in a storage unit to help stow your stuff while you sort through what you want to hang on to and what’s better off in someone else’s life.  And the best thing you can do when you decide to rent a storage unit is to keep it so organized that you could find what you needed within 10 minutes of opening the hatch. This requires skillful labeling on your part—but also strategic placement of boxes. Consider keeping boxes of like materials together, or ordering boxes by what type of room they are. Also included in your storage plan should be how you are transporting and unloading your goods at the storage unit, as well as how you will finance the rental.

Downsizing Apartment in NY with Moishe’s Self Storage

Now that you know the basic steps to downsize your NYC apartment, you can see that there are actually a number of ways you can not only lighten your load but financially benefit from this decision. By donating, selling, and upcycling your used household items, you can deftly make the transition from a larger space to a smaller one, saving countless money on rent and repositioning your “home base” to be closer to the things you love and frequently visit.

Want to know more ways your NYC storage unit can work for you? Contact the professionals at Moishe’s Self Storage today—we’ll even move your belongings for you!


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