A Foolproof Formula for Self Storage

A Foolproof Formula for Self Storage

When you consider the perfect formula for self-storage, here it is:

OS = B(S-I) + H

Optimal storage = boxes (items-space) + height

  • Optimal storage: The most storage for the cost
  • Boxes: Containers holding belongings
  • Space: Available and non-occupied area
  • Items: Your personal belongings
  • Height: Distance from the floor to ceiling

Finding the optimal storage area (explained)

Finding the optimal storage area consists of a few factors in this formula. Boxes and height are the key indicators for optimal storage space usage. You don’t want to pay for a large room that’s too big for your items — that’s wasted money! Deciding the room size you need beforehand will help you know what to plan for.

For an accurate reading on what size room you need, check out our room storage calculator.

Here’s how it breaks down:

1. Boxes

You should consider packing everything in boxes (unless it’s too large for a box) so you can stack and organize in the storage room.


The available space you’re renting in the storage unit shouldn’t be wasted. Isn’t this what you’re paying for ultimately? Additional storage space?


These are your belongings. Anything including clothing, electronics, pictures, kitchen utensils, books, and linens, and all other items that can fit into a box.

Space minus items

You want to maximize the amount of space you have. The best way to do this is by utilizing every inch effectively. Understand the space area you have available and minus that with the items you have.

Think of it this way: You have blankets, a coffee pot, five books, and a cooler. What’s the best way you can pack these items? You can start by putting the books in the cooler, wrapping the coffee pot with the blankets, and pack them in a single box. This will minimize open space in the box and make use of items as packing material.

Boxes times space minus items

This is when you fill multiple boxes with items. It can be as many as you need. Try to use boxes that are consistently the same size. Medium-sized boxes are best because they fit together and stack better than boxes of different sizes.

2. Height

Generally, storage units are eight feet high. This gives you optimal storage space for your items. Utilize every square inch of your unit so you get the most bang for your buck.

Putting it all together: Boxes plus height (B(S-I)+H)

Once the boxes are full, it’s time to place them on the floor and stack on one another. Height is your best friend in a storage unit. You have full use of the entire storage unit. Make use of the height in the room by stacking the boxes.

The only formula you need

This is the only formula you need when planning how to best utilize your self-storage space. Use this formula to pack effectively and stack properly.

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