Fine wine storage in the Bronx, NY

storing wine with moishe's self storageWine collectors can store bottles for years or even decades. It’s usually consumed within three years. Wines that ferment for decades to be drunk three decades later is rare.

Restaurant owners may need secure climate controlled units to store wine for a few months. It’s hard to operate a business in NYC, but we’re here to help. We can store your wine in the Bronx, NY.

We average a 5-star rating among our customers. They also stay with us for an average of four years — the longest in the storage industry.

If you’d like to store your wine for extended periods of time in the most secure, convenient, and affordable wine storage locations in the Bronx, read on.

Properly storing wine

We store your wine so you don’t have to. If you decide to do it yourself, here are the main things you need to remember:

  • Have a climate-controlled unit. Stored at temperatures between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Bottle orientation is important. It’s best to store bottles on their side.
  • Keep low levels of light. Keep the lights off.

Moishe’s wine storage facility in the Bronx

Moishe’s Self Storage has been the leading provider of all types of storage in NYC for almost four decades. Our Bronx location is no exception.

We’ll fine tune your storage unit to cause as little degradation due to climate as possible. Whether you have fifteen bottles or 150 bottles, we understand the needs of a wine collector.

A brief history

Our founder built this company starting with just a truck and his own two hands. Over time, he sculpted the facilities in Queens and the Bronx to ensure we had storage for everyone that needed it. As the business grew, we branched out to serve many clients in many ways — thus wine storage was born.

Moishe’s Self Storage facility accessibility and security

Other storage facilities won’t allow you to pay for our most basic services, which is a testament to our dedication to customers. Not only do we believe you should never be inconvenienced by our storage facility, we also believe that you should be safe when you use it.

Moishe’s Self Storage gives our wine storage facility customers peace of mind. It’s what we’re good at. If you’re storing wine, you need to be able to access it when you want, safely, and affordably. No other storage facility with the level of quality that we offer is available at such a low and affordable cost.

How to Rent With Moishe’s Bronx wine storage facility

It’s an easy process to rent with Moishe’s in Bronx, New York. Even if you don’t need a wine storage facility, or you’re just considering, our storage advisors can help you with your storage right away.

You can learn more about our New York wine storage offerings.

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