Personal Mini Storage

Personal Mini Storage

Personal Mini Storage

Personal mini storage in New York is almost a necessity. The average apartment is still climbing in price, so space takes a back seat to affordability. The past forty years has shown that New Yorkers are still attracted to the city despite the inconvenient nature of little available space. Moishe’s Self Storage understands that personal mini storage shouldn’t be an inconvenient experience. We believe that mini storage can and should be an affordable and easy part of any New Yorker’s life. Contact us today to get started.

Personal Mini Storage Options and Availability

Considering the wealth of advertisements and on the ground marketing campaigns in New York City, you’ve probably seen our competitors all over. Many of them tout that mini storage in NYC is available dirt cheap at a location near you. This is true in some cases, but it’s always dependent upon location and time of year. The busy season is spring, as everyone’s moving. As a result a substantial amount of personal mini storage has been rented or reserved.

Our approach is a little different. Moishe’s has been around for almost four decades due to a simple set of standards. We maintain every room whether it’s personal mini storage or luxury fine arts storage to the same quality. That means every room is monitored all day and night by our security crew and CCTV recording system. This means that we aren’t the cheapest personal mini storage in New York City, but we are the best and most affordable.

Reserve Your Personal Mini Storage Room Today

Moishe’s is more than just a place to leave your things; we give you peace of mind. Personal mini storage throughout the city can be dangerous, inconvenient, and a rip off. Moishe’s quality standards are the highest in the city, and we’re located all over, including Bronx storage units. If you’re interested in the closest location to you we’re sure there’s a facility in your area. Otherwise, fill out our online form or call in at (800)-536-6564 to receive your free personal consultation today.


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