Storage New York

Storage New York

Storage New York

New York is a cultural melting pot of some of the most interesting and talented people in the world. We’ve watched New York grow and change for nearly forty years, and as we rise to meet the ever transforming demographic, Moishe’s is proud to be the number one choice for services in moving and self storage New York can offer.

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Our Entwined History

As the neighborhoods change, shops move or close, and the world grows at a faster rate, there’s been one constant. Of course New York is known for its pizza, the subway, and more, but did you know Moishe’s is also a nationally-recognized New York staple? Moishe’s started with just a man and his truck, and now our trucks are featured in Hollywood films set in New York City. We’re grateful and proud to be New York’s number one self storage and moving company. The only thing we take more pride in is our ability to consistently satisfy every customer’s needs, big or small.

Self storage in NYC is a mixed bag. Moishe’s knows the landscape. On one street you’ve got advertisements for dirt cheap personal storage and the next it’s luxury apartments with 5,000 square feet. It can be difficult to determine which company is right for you, much less a place to leave your property safely. If you’re searching, go with the storage New York trusts; Go with Moishe’s.

Prime Security Features

Moishe’s furniture storage ensures that intruders cannot come close to your unit, making us among the most secure facilities available in NYC. Our integrated security system incorporates motion detectors, constant CCTV recording, burglar alarms, security checkpoints and more makes our facilities virtually impenetrable.

The Best Storage New York Has to Offer

If you’re looking for a place to store your mattress for the summer, or stow your precious family heirlooms for years, we have a room for you. Moishe’s

Storage New York

Storage New York

hasn’t been around for almost four decades simply by playing the profits game. We’ve been around by learning what New Yorkers demand in a storage room, and offering it to them year round with extra services that fill their needs. Every room is clean, secure and monitored 24/7 by a camera system. We may not be the cheap storage locker you found on the corner, but we’re the best storage New York has to offer. Find your nearest location here, or reserve a room. Call in at (800)-536-6564 to request a free consultation or fill our our contact form. Moving and storage can be tough, but not with Moishe’s on your side.


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