Top 9 Space Saving Tips For Mini Storage Optimization

Self Storage Unit, NY

Nine Useful Space-Saving Tips for Storing Items


Self-storage units in New York simplify things a lot. At Moishe’s Self Storage, we have the perfect storage unit for you, whether you’re storing holiday decorations until next year, storing winter clothes till next spring, relocating across town, or returning home for the semester. If you’re going to be putting things in a compact storage unit, here are some tips you should know.

1. Find the Right Size Unit

The best storage space can be calculated by entering a few variables into a simple formula. For the most efficient use of storage space, think in terms of boxes and height. When you pay for a room but just use a portion of it, you are wasting money. Save your cash and stop wasting it! Make a well-informed decision on the required room size with the help of our handy room size calculator.

2. Determine what Packing Materials Are Needed

It might be quite helpful on a moving day if you have already determined what packing supplies you will need in advance. Tape, markers, a packing sheet, and labels are all essential. Keep a tally of the items you place in your small unit as you do so that you can quickly locate anything you might need in the future.

tips for storage optimization3. Inventory Your Unit

Make sure to maintain an inventory of everything housed there. Knowing what goes into storage is much easier with the aid of an electronic inventory file. Here are some examples:

Box 1: Bedroom – Pillow, blankets and towels

Box 2: Bathroom- Soap, makeup, hair products

Box 3 – Kitchen- Blender, toaster, coffee maker

4. Label All Your Boxes

Create a system that works best for you, but make sure to label all boxes on top and sides. You can use dark bold ink or colored labels- whichever you prefer. However, it’s best practice to write all items you place in the box while you are packing. This will help to identify the correct box if you need to take the  item out of storage

5. Take Apart Furniture If Possible

One of the most effective ways to make more room in a storage unit is to disassemble furniture. Disassemble the chair, empty the dresser, and flip over the couch. We also recommend that you place all nuts, bolts, and screws in a plastic bag and store them in a drawer or with the furniture it belongs to.

storing furniture6. Use Larger Furniture for Storage

The dresser’s discarded drawers can be put to good use as supplemental shelving. Put things like books, knickknacks, blankets, clothing, kitchenware, and anything else you need to store away in the drawers.

7.  An X Can Protect

Mirrors and glass tabletops, in particular, should be marked with a huge “X” on the tape that covers their surfaces to prevent them from breaking. If the glass breaks, the “X” will prevent the contents from scattering.

8. Choose a Tall Unitstorage unit in NY

At Moishe’s the standard height of our self-storage units is 8 feet. You can use this area to store things. Having roughly the same-sized boxes allows you to better estimate the height of your stack. Make sure there will be no space at the top of the unit by measuring the height of the boxes you plan to use (12 in. x 12 in. x 12 in.

9. Most Needed Items Go Up Front

The things you will be inspecting or retrieving most frequently should be stored closest to the unit’s entrance. This eliminates the need to physically access the storage facility, saving time and effort. Just walk in and have a look around the unit


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