6 tips on how to store a mattress

Best way to Store a Mattress


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1) Use Climate Control to Eliminate Mold

Always choose a climate-controlled storage facility if possible. Any type of mattress material can develop mold, not only memory foam. A climate-controlled storage facility is the best way to protect your clothing, books, furniture, and gadgets from mold and mildew. Your belongings will be safe from floods, pests, and rats while stored in one of these containers, which are often located inside. You should take apart your bed. Secure all fasteners by placing them in a plastic bag and taping it to the underside of the frame. Protect your headboard and frame from scratches and dust by wrapping them in moving blankets after disassembling your bed. Make sure your mattress is spotless before putting it away for the winter. You may use baking soda or an upholstery cleaner. The final step in cleaning your mattress is to vacuum it.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that since you can’t see mold on the inside of your mattress that the outside is safe if you clean what you can. Mattresses are particularly vulnerable to mold growth because the spores travel fast through the air and can settle in any crevice. You can still get sick from sleeping on a mattress with mold on the inside even though it seems fine on the exterior. Mold is a spore-forming creature, and its spores can travel through the air and lodge themselves in our lungs. If your mattress has been improperly stored and mold has grown on the foam, it is no longer safe to sleep on and you will need to replace it.

2. Move Your Bed Into The Storage Unit
Avoid putting your mattress in danger by tying it to your automobile. Your mattress could get warped if you bind it too tightly. If you don’t secure it well, you’ll have to watch in terror as it flies off your vehicle and, hopefully not unintentionally, hurts someone or something behind you. A truck is the best option for moving your mattress. Protect your headboard and frame from scratches and dust by wrapping them in moving blankets after disassembling your bed. As a result, it is shielded from the elements and can travel without worry. If you choose Moishe’s Self Storage and sign up for at least three months of service, we’ll come and take up your belongings at no cost to you. View our other deals on this page.

3. Keep it on its flat surface and not on its side
You can find coils, springs, cushioning, and other materials in a mattress. If you lay these parts on their sides, they might move and settle in a way that wasn’t intended. If you ask real mattress experts, they will urge you to never lay your mattress on its side. Mattresses should be stored on their sides or flat on the ground or boxspring. If you plan on putting your mattress on the ground, it’s a good idea to lay down a tarp beforehand, even if the bag it comes in is waterproof. Some people find that their mattresses fare best when stored in the unit in the same configuration that they use at home, which could need a more spacious unit.

4. When storing a mattress, do not pile anything on top of it.

You should never put anything on top of your mattress, including boxes. The contour of the mattress may be altered as a result of the pressure applied to certain areas. Placing a mattress directly on top of an imperfect floor is also not a good idea. A mattress can get distorted in any scenario.

5 Get A Plastic Cover
Cheap plastic mattress covers can be purchased at most storage facilities and even some truck rental agencies. In addition to keeping your mattress clean during transit, they can also protect it from dust and moisture while it’s in storage. Dust can accumulate even in the cleanest storage facilities, so it’s best to cover everything. Overstock.com and target.com both provide mattress storage bags that can be sealed for safekeeping. Comforters, pillows, and other pieces of bedding can be stored in specially designed bags, which are also available. Used mattress covers should have any holes or tears sealed with tape before being put to use. A perfect seal is required.

6. Be Sure to Refresh It After Storing It
When it’s time to use the mattress again, take it out of storage and throw away the plastic cover to eliminate any lingering plastic odor. If the smell persists, sprinkle baking soda on the front and back and then vacuum it up. Place it on a high-quality box spring or a bed frame that has built-in ventilation, and sleep soundly, knowing you’ve taken good care of your mattress and set it up for years of comfortable service.

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