climate controlled self storage

  Climate Controlled Self Storage

Climate Controlled Self Storage

The New York City area is filled with storage options. But a large majority of these facilities do not offer climate controlled self storage. At Moishe's Self Storage, all of our units offer heating and cooling to protect your belongings from the damaging effects of extreme temperatures. Don't settle for anything less!

The Moishe's Difference

We’ve been in business for decades, and part of our success is due to our commitment to provide the best storage solutions available. We at Moishe’s believe that our service should not only come with a smile, but with the assurance that your belongings will remain unchanged and untouched by anyone but you. 

When you store your property with us, you’re entrusting us with the responsibility to keep it safe. Which is why we carefully curate all of our facilities to the highest standards to ensure your property isn’t subject to a harmful environment. Our climate controlled self storage technology is the same that's used to protect museum-quality art pieces and fine wines. How can we be so sure? Because we also offer specialized storage in NYC for both fine art and wines

Store Your Belongings in Secure, Climate Controlled Self Storage

Keeping your possessions at an even temperature ensures that your furniture, keepsakes and precious possessions don't succumb to warp or fractures from extreme heat, cold or humidity. But we also employ extra security precautions to ensure that whenever you decide to retrieve your items, they're in the exact same condition you left them in. Our constant patrols, video monitoring, motion sensors and burglar alarms are our way of ensuring that the only person with access to your possessions is you.


Start Storing With Moishe's Today

Our team of storage professionals is ready and willing to give you a free consultation today. All you have to do is walk in to one of our locations nearest you in the New York Metropolitan area or fill out the box provided.  We’ll get back to your with a quote and our guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our cheap storage services.