How to Avoid Disaster When Moving

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Whether you’re moving down the block or across the country, it’s no secret that transitioning your life to new living quarters takes a lot of effort. Between the travel and the expense and the logistics and the planning, moving doesn’t have to be a big ordeal if you take time to plan well in advance. In this article, we will touch on ways to avoid disaster when moving your stuff to a new home—from sizing a truck to finding a storage unit!

Size Your Moving Truck Right

This step is incredibly important—and there’s more to consider than simply how much “stuff” you’re trying to pack into one tiny area. Here are some things to think about when it comes to finding the right-sized moving truck:

·      Dimensions and number of moving boxes

·      Weight limits on the truck

·      Weight limits or height limits of trucks along your travel route

·      Confidence and competency levels driving a large truck

·      Ability to navigate the parking lot at the storage unit or new dwelling to unload

Plan Your Route

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Some might think this could go without saying, but it is a crucial enough step that it demands to be acknowledged: plan your trip out first—from hours on the road each day to gassing up to where you’ll sleep at night. Break up your travel so that it is more enjoyable, with time for potty breaks and meals. There are plenty of platforms online that can help you find the most convenient and efficient route to travel on their way—including any “just for fun” pitstops you may have in mind, such as observing natural beauty, visiting a landmark, or hitting up an infamous shopping center.

Have an Easy Drop Off Point for Storage

It’s one thing to know how you get there, but it’s another entirely to know where you’re going. Try scoping out your landing place ahead of time, either in person or by way of technology like Google Earth—and scope out the best way to go about parking and maneuvering your large hauling vehicle. Make sure you select a storage facility that not only offers a high value for the price like Moishe’s Self Storage in NYC—but a facility that also has easy access to the entrance and a non-fussy parking situation.

Have a Plan for Unloading

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When you arrive at your destination, how will you get everything unloaded in a timely manner? This is where friends and family come in, or a local moving company. If you’re looking for a moving service in NYC, Moishe’s Self Storage will move your stuff into a storage unit (and out again) on your behalf, so you don’t even have to lift a finger! Make sure your moving party understands when to meet and where, and about how long you anticipate relying on their help. It’s always good form to throw in a cash incentive, a six-pack, or a group pizza.

Keep Things Organized

Remember, part of coming up with an unloading plan begins in the original loading stage itself; make sure your boxes are all labeled clearly, that none are too heavy to lift without strain or damage, and that they are relatively localized in terms of placement within the house or storage unit. For example, the living room boxes should all be lumped together with the appropriate furniture, bedroom boxes elsewhere, hallway closet and bathroom boxes, etc. The same can be said for when you unload—keep like boxes together in their appropriate rooms, and move methodically through the truck until you have everything in its right place.

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There are countless ways your moving trip could take a turn for the worse if you’re not careful—from running into a flat tire or getting stuck in heavy traffic. However, by mitigating what’s within the realm of what you can guarantee will go right, you can give yourself and your travel companions the best shot at success. By following these simple steps, you can mitigate the unthinkable, keep yourself on a timely schedule, and arrive at your destination safely and with all your belongings intact!

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