Renting a Moving Truck? Call Moishe’s

When you’re seeking moving truck rental, Moishe’s is the highest customer rated service you’ll find in NYC.  Moishe’s Self Storage and moving company is a Manhattan-based company serving the NYC area for over 30 years.

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We offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, confident that you’ll be pleased with our service.

Our relocation experts are highly skilled and provide full service moving and storage services. Whether you need commercial, long-distance, or local moving, Moishe’s Moving has you covered.

moving truck rentalWhy Moishe’s is Special

Unlike other moving companies, at Moishe’s, you never have to deal with subcontractors or hired movers to assist you. We are a full-service company and your only go-to when seeking a moving truck in NYC.

When you need a dedicated customer service-oriented team to take care of the job for you, call on Moishe’s. With nearly 40 years of trusted service, Moishe’s

We take care of your moving needs effortlessly, from start to finish.  If you don’t have time to be around for your next move, or need assistance loading and unloading your belongings, we will pack your belongings, transport them in our trucks and load them into storage for you.

If you need moving services, that’s our specialty. Trust the best moving and storage company in NYC and experience the Moishe’s difference for yourself.

Moishe’s Moving Truck Rental

Something that sets us apart from other moving companies is our conscientious approach and expert care when handling your belongings. Our team of experienced NYC movers are experts at maneuvering heavy, bulky items like sofas or pianos through narrow hallways and down winding staircases.  You never have to worry that Moishe’s will hire out anyone else to assist with your move, either.

We Service all of New York City

Moving is always tough no matter where you live in the states, it’s only worse in New York City. Moishe’s started almost forty years ago seeing that the market desperately needed a reliable moving and storage company.

Moishe’s started with just a man, his truck, and hard work and dedication. Over the four decades that our company has been around it’s grown into the premier moving and storage company in New York City.

If you’ve lived here for any length of time, you’ve seen one of our trucks in Queens, New York, or Long Island, wherever you may be located. Whatever you need to move we can help you.

Self Storage Facilities In Queens and the Bronx

If you’re looking for a moving truck rental alongside self storage facilities in Queens and the Bronx you’ll find the best at Moishe’s. We know what customers and New Yorkers need. They desire convenience and reliability at a premium level of quality and affordable price. Those might seem like high demands to some, but for us they’re perfectly reasonable.

This extends all the way from our commercial industrial storage to moving truck rentals for students. Whatever type of storage is most required by our customers we perfect it and then deliver it on a consistent basis. That’s the trick so many storage companies fail to understand, do good work and protect your customer’s interests.

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Contact Moishe’s Self Storage if you’re looking for cheap full-service self-storage units in New York City to hold wine, art, furniture, luggage, household items, or other things.

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Our Manhattan/The Bronx and Queens/Brooklyn Storage Facilities are conveniently located near you. We offer over 20 different storage unit sizes, available to individuals, students, and businesses.

Reserve your room or view specials. We’ll pick up your things FREE!