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Self Storage

self storage

In New York City, there are a variety of circumstances where self storage can be a sanity saver. Whether you’re a student or a family of eight, there’s a great chance that self storage can come in handy. Regardless of your reason for needing extra space, call Moishe’s Self Storage.

The Moishe’s name has become synonymous with quality moving and self storage services in New York City. How? Through hard work over the past few decades and by becoming familiar with what customers need and want to have a positive experience.

What exactly makes Moishe’s Self Storage stand out among the dozens of other moving and storage companies? Keep reading to find out or go ahead and contact us online or call our moving and storage consultants at (800) 536-6564 to speak with a consultant directly.

You are also encouraged to visit our walk-in facilities to see the Moishe’s difference with your own eyes. Conveniently located in the Bronx and Queens.

Top Security for Your Peace of Mind

One aspect that we quickly learned customers expect from self storage is reliable security. This make sense when you consider the crime and theft rates that are synonymous with big city life. It is certainly true that thieves target storage units in New York City, but when you store with Moishe’s, any fear of theft will be non-existent.

We have developed a high-tech security approach that makes our facilities virtually impenetrable. Security staff, motion detectors, burglar alarms and 24/7 CCTV recording will allow you to have peace of mind about the security of your self storage unit.

More Than Top Security

Security is not the only feature that Moishe’s Self Storage facilities boast. We guarantee that your unit is protected from the damage that the elements can bring, as well as smaller intruders such as moths and bed bugs. You may think this is a feature that comes with every storage unit, but sadly, this is not the case.

Considering that snowstorms and hurricanes have increased in intensity in recent years, the need for secure storage facilities has only grown. Moishe’s Self Storage moving and storing services mean that you can rest easy with this peace of mind.

Deals and Specials

Another aspect of moving and storage that Moishe’s has learned customers love is deals and specials. Moving and storing, if not planned properly or done with the same group of people, can quickly become costly.

Store with the Best. Store with Moishe’s Self Storage!