Short Term Storage Units

  Commercial Storage

Commercial Storage

With the busy moving season coming up, we understand that not every customer is in the market for short term storage units. We offer short and long term storage, in case a move requires a scaling down of space or otherwise. Our short term units are of the same great quality you know and expect from Moishe’s. Every room is climate controlled and monitored 24/7.

Short Term Storage Units Uses

When moving, it can be difficult to have leases’s directly line up. If you’re getting out of one apartment and need to stay with a friend for a few days before you move into another one a short term storage unit is a great solution. Even if you’re friend owes you a favor, it’s a pain to have a mattress in an already cramped space for what could amount to a week. Let Moishe’s lift that simple burden from your shoulders.

We have many clients that only want short term storage units, and our crew has modified storage spaces to accommodate any number of unique items. Some of our short term storage units include museum like quality specifications, and some are just a dorm room that needs to be tucked away for a month while a student moves to an apartment. If you’re unsure that Moishe’s can suit your short term storage in NYC needs, we urge you to contact us.


Moishe’s Locations and Services

We’re found all throughout the New York City area on and off the island. If you’re interested in locating the closest self storage facility to you take a look at our locations page here. One of our most cherished services is our free pick up for selected rooms. There’s nothing more stressful in the moment than moving, and free pick up really puts a smile on our customer’s faces. Moishe’s likes making people smile. If you’re in need of a short term unit self storage, contact us today to for a free consultation.