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 Storage In NYC

Storage In NYC

New York City is no stranger to top of the line services and luxurious businesses. On every corner in the city there’s a restaurant, art gallery, or other service that’s worth experiencing. The level of quality is due to two simple reasons. It’s expensive, because there’s no space, and it’s difficult because of the high competition for that space.

Storage in NYC is no different, but there’s still the best of best. Moishe’s Self Storage has been around for almost 40 years because we put the extra effort into our services.

Why Moishe’s is the Best Storage In NYC

Countless other companies will tell you that they have the cheapest storage in the city, and that there’s no better deal anywhere else. They’re probably honest about being the cheapest in the city, but there’s a reason for that. What they’re lying to you about is how there’s no better deal anywhere else.  You’re essentially paying for a bed bug infested closet with a barely functioning lock on the door. In some cases they don’t even offer easy access to your unit.


This is where our services shine. Our rooms are climate controlled and constantly maintained by our excellent crew. We believe storage in NYC should be as great as the greatest city in the world. The icing on the cake however, is our 24/7 access and security for no extra charge. Our facilities are the cleanest, safest, and most convenient in the city. So whether you’re spruce up your apartment with some consolidating, or manage your business’s excess inventory Moishe’s is the way to do it professionally.

How to Get Storage in NYC at Moishe’s

All you have to do is contact us by phone at (800) 536-6564, or fill out our online contact form here. Our rooms are available in several different sizes, and they’re affordable throughout the year. If you’re in the market for storage that won’t break the bank and will also give you peace of mind to boot there’s no better place than Moishe’s. Find out why by reserving a room today.