Storage in Queens

  Moishe's Self Storage in Queens

Moishe's Self Storage in Queens

Queens, like the rest of New York City, is busy, bustling and full of life. And with such a high population density, space is tight. It's no wonder why most people are looking for affordable storage. Even commercial industries and businesses are seeking out specialized storage to free up some space. This is where Moishe’s Self Storage in Queens can help.

Clean and Safe Storage in Queens

Moishe’s has a substantial amount of varied storage units. And that's due largely to the fact that our customers have a substantial amount of storage needs. We offer superior storage solutions for everyone. From college students looking to stow a mattress between semesters, to curators looking to store priceless fine arts pieces in museum-quality storage. Our spotless, climate-controlled and completely secure units are perfect for any kind of storage in NYC.

By keeping our units at consistent temperatures, your belongings won't suffer the effects of bitter cold winters or hot, sticky summers. And with our closed-circuit video monitoring, motion sensors, burglar alarms, and constant security patrols, the only person with access to your unit is you. 


Moishe’s Self Storage Locations

For over 30 years, Moishe's has provided thousands of New Yorkers with superior services in moving and storage. We know what it takes to make it in New York, and what New Yorkers want when they pay for a service. That's why we have five facilities conveniently located throughout the tri-state area, and offer free pick up service when you store for at least three months in our cheap storage units up to 5 x 10'. 

For a free storage quote, fill out the box provided or call in at (800)-536-6564. Visit our locations page to check out the facility closest to you. If you’re looking for the best storage in Queens, look no further than Moishe's Self Storage.