Top 5 Ways Businesses Can Capitalize on Extra Storage Space

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If you own a business in NYC, you understand the value of space…and we’re not talking acres city blocks here, but cubic feet—particularly when it comes to storing essential business equipment, inventory, paperwork, or tools. In the city that never sleeps, every cubic foot—or inch, for that matter—becomes all the more precious as startup companies scramble to establish footing and long-established pillars work to keep up with the changing times. No matter the size of your entrepreneurial efforts, it is likely that you could make do with a little more room—even if it’s just to open up floor space for customers to walk. In this article, we will discuss the top five ways NYC businesses can use self-storage—from stowing unnecessary items to creating a quiet place for business proceedings.

Store Seasonal Décor

Does your store celebrate holidays or the passage of time? Do you like to acknowledge significant anniversaries like the Fourth of July, MLK Day, or Memorial Day? If you tend to do special promotions around the holidays, one super easy way to draw attention to this is by employing eye-grabbing decorations and seasonal décor so customers are curious enough to stop by.

However, part of the nature of this type of tactic is that it is ephemeral—so you’ll need to know what to do with your decorative stuff for the long term. Unless your decorations are disposable, you’ll want to hang on to that investment to cash in on again next year when the same time rolls around. This is most easily done with a self-storage unit for a number of reasons, including the fact that it keeps business and personal life separate, it consolidates your work itinerary to one area, and it should be within a short driving distance from your place of operation.

Office Space/Think Tank

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Some people don’t know this, but many NYC storage places offer electricity, wifi hookups, and even climate-controlled storage—to the degree that some online entrepreneurs even opt to operate their startup out of a storage unit in lieu of a physical storefront. Once you start thinking this way about a storage unit, you begin to see that the applications for business are almost limitless. They can serve as conference rooms, rendezvous points, cubicles, “front desks,” inventory storage, and even places to showcase new merchandise or staging ideas for employees. Having a quiet place where folks can gather can be a huge blessing, especially for smaller establishments or businesses that do not rely on a physical shop in downtown New York.

Keep Additional Inventory Items

As we mentioned previously, self-storage units are the perfect way to store yet unused business inventory until it is required or as a means of warehousing (obviously on a smaller scale) for company endeavors. Located all over New York including the Bronx, Manhattan, and Long Island, Moishe’s Self Storage offers climate-controlled space for all your storage needs—whether that be electronics, paperwork, records, CDs, or anything sensitive to temperature.

Nonessential Documents

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A huge part of managing a business is keeping up with all of the essential moving parts like invoice paperwork, tax documents, payroll, and more. One perfect use for a climate-controlled storage unit is for keeping your annual records and documents dating past the last year in terms of utility. Whether you choose to keep these documents for personal, tax, or legal reasons, it can sometimes be beneficial to keep track of business transactions for as long as 10 years before tossing the information.

Nonperishable Foodstuffs

Even if you don’t have the inclination to install a fridge or stand-up freezer in your storage unit, warehouses like Moishe’s offer climate-controlled stowing of all your most precious non-perishable food or beverage items, such as bags of green coffee beans, bottles of aging wine or alcohol, cured meats, pickled or canned goods, and more. These preserved foods do best in cooler, darker environments (which is why they were often traditionally stowed in a cellar)—which is why they do so well in climate-controlled storage units. Also, you may consider keeping anything that is required to consume the food in the unit, from napkins, plates, and coffee sleeves to packaging for cross-country shipping.

Need Extra Storage Space for Your NYC Business?

business storage units NYCIt can sometimes seem like the available space is finite and downtown New York is already packed to capacity—but with a little intentionality, some categorizing and boxing, and some footwork, we can see that by keeping any unnecessary items in storage can open up your daily storefront to more of the good stuff. In an age of virtual reality, face-to-face interactions are only becoming all the rarer—so opening up the room in your shop to hold space for those moments is a crucial part of life, let alone business management.

Are you looking for the best value storage rental in NYC? Contact Moishe’s Self Storage today and we’ll even move your things for you!