8 tips on how to prepare books for long term storage

Document Storage and Security

Document Storage and Security

Books. Even though we enjoy them, the fact that they take up a significant amount of space in our already congested apartments in New York drives us crazy. There are some things that are extremely vital for us to have in our life, while other things can be hidden away and brought out only in the direst of circumstances. Therefore, you should clean up your area, pack some books inside it, and go to your storage facility. Make sure they are stored properly so that they can maintain their quality for as long as feasible. The following are some words of advice:

Storage areas for library books

Obtain a Location That Has a Temperature And Humidity Control System

This is by far the most important piece of advice that can be given. Mold is the worst thing that might happen to your collection of books if you are a book collector. Mold can be prevented from growing to a significant extent by ensuring that the temperature is lower than 71 degrees Fahrenheit and that the humidity is between 30 and 50 percent.

In the second stage, you are going to give them a complete cleaning.

Before you put your books away, you need to give them a good cleaning and dusting. Dirt and filth that have been left behind might produce unattractive stains on your books.

Try to contain the infestation of pests.

A number of different kinds of insects, such as beetles, silverfish, and cockroaches, are attracted to the glue that is utilized in some techniques of binding. When not in use, books should have their dust jackets or some type of protective cover placed over them. Choose a material that allows air to pass through it rather than plastic, which can keep moisture in and encourage the growth of mold.

Increase your level of security.

Before you put away any of your critical books, it’s a smart idea to protect them by wrapping each one in some kind of protection measure first. They can be protected from injury by using cloth as a covering or a shield. If you see any signs of infestation in your books, put them in a plastic bag, then seal the bag, and put the books in the freezer. This will prevent any additional insect damage to your books. You will then be able to clean it up and put it back into storage after this has eliminated any leftover pests that may have been present.

Reasonable Methods for the Storage of Books

Place the books either on their sides or on their backs. When books are stored with the spine facing up, the binding and hinges are more likely to develop cracks over time.


Leave Out the Acid

The acid may be harmful to paper and will cause it to yellow if it comes into contact with it. When storing books, you should always use materials that are acid-free. Because many newspapers contain acid, using them as padding is not recommended because this would defeat the purpose of the acid.

Always use labels that are easy to read.

You need to devise a method for organizing and storing your collection of books, and one of the ways to do this could be by author, genre, release date, or any other factor. In the event that you need to recover a certain volume, you may quickly find it by inspecting the container in which it is stored. This is because the container will be conspicuously labeled with a list of the things that it contains.

Get off of the Ground.

It is necessary to keep boxes off the ground in storage containers no matter what, but this is of utmost significance when storing fragile items like books. To give the bins a somewhat elevated appearance, you can use anything from pellets to bricks or blocks. The last thing you want is for your books to be harmed by water in the event of an accident like a flood or spill.

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