Moishe’s Commercial Storage Units

   Moishe's Commercial Storage Units

Moishe's Commercial Storage Units

Moishe’s is known for our moving and self storage, but our facilities are equipped to hold commercial property. We maintain a wide variety of commercial units that can be tailored to fit specific needs. The range we provide is vast, and we’re more than likely able to service your business, whether big or small, if you’re in the market for commercial storage units.

Examples of Commercial Storage Units

Our climate-controlled facilities are easily one of the best ways to store just about anything, delicate or otherwise. This includes computer parts for outdated or cluttered office equipment. If you own a business renovating your technology components, it’s possible that selling or repurposing outdated electronics is the most economic option. Storing them in a commercial storage unit will keep them safe until you decide what to do.

The clean and controlled rooms we offer are also great for storing high profile products and property, or even documents. Long term storage is not something we shy away from here at Moishe’s, and we’re happy to constantly maintain and protect your property with our security crew and CCTV recording system. Not only do we provide 24/7 security, we provide round the clock access. Running a business is a job that you can’t punch out of, so you should be able to access your storage in NYC whenever you want. Moishe’s commercial storage units don’t limit your access at all.


How to Determine Your Storage Needs

If you’re a business owner or inventory manager in need of some assistance in determining your storage needs Moishe’s can help. Our storage advisors are professionally trained and can assist you in determining just what type of storage room will best serve your property needs. You can call in at (800)-536-6564 or walk in to any of our locations to receive a free consultation for your unit self storage. We also offer specialized storage if general commercial storage units don’t fit the bill.