Furniture Storage

Looking for furniture storage in the New York area? Moishe’s has the best furniture storage that the city can offer. You’ll know that your furniture storage is quality when you learn more about our facilities and Moishe’s Self Storage’s history.

We’ve been around for almost four decades with premium services and excellent customer options. Whatever type of furniture storage that you decide you need stored then our facilities are more than equipped to handle it.

Our storage advisors have learned over the years that serving the customers storage needs is the best aspect of our business, notwithstanding the other amazing qualities of our facilities.

furniture-storageMoishe’s Furniture Storage

On one side of our facility we have sensitive documents under specialized storage for records of a business. On the other, we store dorm room furniture for NYU students that allow them to enter their summer with ease. With our wide-ranging facilities, you know you’ll be getting exactly what you need with Moishe’s Furniture storage.

In our climate-controlled storage units you’ll be able to deposit furniture with peace of mind. You can easily protect your furniture with our units, as they’re designed to make sure there is nothing nearby to damage your property.

We know you’re furniture storage is usually inconvenient, which is why with Moishe’s Self Storage we do everything we can to make sure that it is convenient.

Moishe’s Furniture Storage and Self Storage

You can call us at (800) 536-6564 or contact us through our online contact form here. We’re in the business of making Moishe’s Self Storage and Furniture Storage easy for you. So end your search for self storage units near me today, and start renting with Moishe’s right away!


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