14 things to do IMMEDIATELY when moving to a new home or apartment

14 things to do IMMEDIATELY when moving to a new home or apartment

You’re moving to a new home today! Congratulations! It’s an exciting time for you and your family.

If you haven’t done these things already, it’s best to get a head start on them before waiting too long!

We put together some important things for you to remember as you move to the new home.

Download and print this moving checklist: The Ultimate Moving Checklist With Tips

1. Take pics of the new place with nothing in it


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Not only is this a good memory, but it’s also helpful in case something bad happens later. Insurance will need before and after photos. Or, your landlord will want to make sure it wasn’t that way when you moved in.

Snap pics of each room, underneath sinks, and the outside. Save them to an online cloud service for use later in case you need them later.

2. Clean the new home


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Like the old house, clean the new home. Before nothing is in it, clean it from top to bottom. You don’t know what happened here before you moved in. Whatever germs are in there — knock ’em out!

Fridge first then the rest of the kitchen. Start with high places then move to lower spots. After the kitchen, move to the bathrooms. Disinfect all areas to reduce the likelihood of spreading germs. 

3. Protect the new floor


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If it’s not carpet, put down blankets to protect the floor from scratches and scuffs, dents, and marks. Maintain the longevity and value of your home by protecting the floors.

4. Consider where the big pieces will go


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Before anything comes into the new home, think about where the big pieces will go. Beds, couches, entertainment centers, tables, and dressers should have a drop spot before moving. It’s easier to plan on space by starting here first!

5. Unpack!

Now it’s time to unpack! Put boxes in their designated areas according to categories. (This is why we told you to categorize your boxes.) It’s easiest when you predetermined where most things would go in the new home.

6. Connect appliances


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Plug the fridge in so it has time to cool as you unpack.

NOTE: If a fridge was on its side during a move, make sure it has 24 hours upright before plugging in. Oil from the compressor will seep into the coolant line when sideways.

7. Consider alternate lodging


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If you get to the new home late at night, consider staying at a hotel. A well-rested mover is a productive mover!

If you opt-out for lodging, make the beds first before moving anything else!

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8. Make the bed first


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As just noted, if you decide to stay the night in your new home, pull the beds off first and make them. From our experience, you’ll move, move, and move some more until you fall in exhaustion. The bed will be ready to catch you!

9. Unpack the kid’s stuff second


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The kids need to feel like they’re home from the very beginning. Unpack their toys and things first if possible.

Bring out the “special bag” with toys and things to keep them busy while you move the rest of the furniture and things.

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10. Use blankets or install shades


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As you prepare to go to sleep, cover the windows with a blanket or install shades. It may be bright at night and it would be nice to have that blocked out for a good night’s sleep.

11. Know when trash comes


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Know when or where trash goes. You’re likely to have lots of trash accumulating as you unpack. Know when the trash or recycling truck comes to dispose of your waste.

12. You don’t have to cook


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Take the pressure off yourself and know that you don’t need to cook anything quite yet.

Order takeout for a quick meal for you and the family. Chinese, pizza, burgers, whatever! Get the home in order then get the kitchen in order.

13. Treat yourself!

Once you feel like you’re in a good place, celebrate! The hardest part is done.

Go out to eat at a nice restaurant, stay home and watch Netflix, or take a long nap. Whatever is your best way of celebrating, do it! You deserve it.

14. Change Social Security benefits address

If you’re receiving Social Security, you’ll need to change your address. Go to the Social Security website to receive assistance.

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