6 things to have in order before a move

6 things to have in order before a move

The day before you move, there are some things to consider. It’s never good to be caught off guard, so review the things below and make sure you have everything in order for the big day!

Download and print this moving checklist: The Ultimate Moving Checklist With Tips

We’re just 24 hours away from the big moving day. Here are a few important things to have done on this day.

1. Be mindful

Be mindful throughout the day while packing. Take a moment to pause and consider what else needs to be done. pace yourself and don’t become overwhelmed.

How’s your family doing? Do they need a break? How are the pets?

Take a water break and survey the packing situation.

2. Having cleaning supplies ready

Have your cleaning supplies ready for when you’re about to move out. Keep them all together and easily access them when you’re ready to clean the house or apartment.

(Review our list of the best cleaning supplies)

3. Have an easy breakfast ready


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Milk and cereal, bagels and peanut butter, Bananas and yogurt, or Pop-Tarts are all good options. The quicker and more nutritious it is, the better! You may need to fuel yourself for a long day of moving, so why not eat a hefty and healthy breakfast!

4. Have a snack bin ready


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If you or the kids get hungry, have a snack bin ready with granola bars, fruit, veggies, dip, and water. Your body will be exerting lots of energy while moving boxes. Stay fed and hydrated!

5. Defrost the fridge and freezer


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Take everything out from the fridge, unplug it, take it outside, and open the doors. This will thaw the freezer. This will also keep it from leaking once on the truck.

If you followed advice from other lists, you shouldn’t have much food left. If you do have food, you may want to consider giving it away or tossing it.

If you have to food. keep it coolers or ask a friend if you can keep it at their house.

6. Strive to have everything packed the day before moving day


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If you can, try to have everything packed a day before moving day. Even if it up to the night before, having everything together will make the next day easier for you. This will give you a moment to relax and think about anything you forgot.

For the ultimate list of moving tips, check out our list of 143 Ways To Make Moving Easier For You, Kids, And Pets — With A Printable Version

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